Top Reasons to Pursue Fashion Design Degree at SIFT
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Top Reasons Why Pursue Fashion Design Degree at Suryadatta Institute of Fashion Technology (SIFT)


Now, when people think of fashion, they only picture models walking down ramps wearing ultra-stylish clothes, but this is just one part of fashion. Fashion, on the whole, encompasses even the textile industry. It is here where most of your clothes and other garments are being manufactured and this industry is worth $223 billion. And is growing at a fast pace.

Therefore, if you are thinking of getting into the fashion industry by getting a fashion degree then you are making a smart move. However, the even smarter move would be if you choose Suryadatta Institute of Fashion Technology (SIFT) for your fashion education. This college would give you the best education and opportunities. But there are many other reasons to choose SIFT. In the following blog, you’ll know about those reasons.

Advantages of Studying Fashion Design Degree at Suryadatta Institute of Fashion Technology (SIFT)

In a short time, SIFT has been at the forefront of fashion education. This once unconventional subject is now garnering the attention of creative, hardworking students who have amazing ideas. We give these students a plethora of benefits no one else can. Here are those benefits:

State-of-the-art Infrastructure –

Fashion technology students get access to our fully equipped studio. This is where your clothing ideas will be born and come to fruition because the studio allows you to sketch & design, make the patterns, sew the clothing, and drape it. You will have access to all the best equipment that is used to design and make clothes.

The sewing machine lab has the best industrial quality sewing machines for fat and effective sewing. For clothing with a special touch, there’s a mini handloom equipment, and finally, for the perfect cut and fit, we have a draping lab. We also have a textile lab that will further help you.

Other infrastructure includes a hi-tech computer lab and a fully-stocked library that is extremely useful for the students. The computers are great for conducting research and getting ideas that will help you with your design work. The library has many wonderful books that will help you understand history better and fashion magazines that will help you keep up with the trends.

Top College Ranking –

Ranking, awards, and accolades matter as they are a testament to the quality of education that is being provided. SIFT has been given many awards and titles that make it one of the best institutes in the country for fashion technology. Here are some of the awards:

  • Leadership & Quality award given to Prof. Dr. Sanjay Chordiya by National Educational Excellence Awards & Conference 2020
  • Leading Infrastructure & Creative Team award by National Educational Excellence Awards & Conference 2020
  • Received the title of “Most Preferred Fashion Design Institute in Maharashtra” from the Asia- Arab summit Award 2019.
  • Awarded by the World Signature Awards as the ‘Best Design School in Maharashtra 2019’.
  • Awarded by National Education Excellence Award 2017 as “Best Fashion Designing Institute in Maharashtra”.
  • Awarded by World Wide Achievers –Asia Education Summit as “Best Fashion Designing Institute of the Year -2015”.

Experienced Faculty –

The fashion industry changes at the drop of a hat. New trends have become the norm. Old trends cycle back to become new trends. Industry disruptions happen. There’s just so much going on that you need an experienced person to guide you and mentor you. And this is exactly what the educators at SIFT do.

Now, fashion is not a theoretical subject that any teacher can teach. It is a subject that can only be taught by someone experienced in the field. Therefore, all the educators at SIFT have the best qualifications and experience in the industry. Creativity is one part, there are many technical aspects in fashion as well, and our educators will ensure that you understand everything.

Teaching Methodology –

The teaching methodology at SIFT makes us one of the top fashion technology institutes in the country. Along with our educators mentoring you at a personal level, your progress is also closely monitored. You are taught a skill-based, practical-oriented course along with advanced technologies that are currently being used in the market.

The curriculum is designed by experts to be unique and career-oriented. And it has been designed in such a way that students can also earn during the course through jobs and internships, or do bachelor’s and master’s education. Another important thing that takes education to the next level is the number of industry interactions. SIFT’s courses are very industry-intensive.

Placement Record –

SIFT has a strong placement record with a perfect score of 100%. Our students are placed in the top fashion companies in the country and abroad. Our 16000-strong alumni network is a testament to this fact.

Many are working in the top companies. The network is spread over 32 different countries and helps the current students get placed in the best companies.

Industry Interface –

This is one of the most important parts of education at SIFT. Through industry interaction, the students are exposed to the real professional world and get a good idea of what is going on. They come to terms with the scale at which work is done and get exposure to the latest trends and technologies.

Students also get strong exposure through activities like guest lectures and webinars with industry experts. These industry connections go on throughout the academic year.

From local market visits to huge industries, the students get to see the real side of fashion. They get to see first-hand the journey of a cloth from design to the finished product. The students have been to places like the National Handloom, Baramati Textiles Industry, Islampur Industry, and many more.

Value Addition –

SIFT students get a lot of value-added to their education. They are taught a curriculum that meets not only national but global standards of fashion technology. They are also mentored to be entrepreneurs and innovators of the industry.

Suryadatta Institutes have a strong tie-up with many national and international education partners, and SIFT students also benefit from these partnerships.


The fashion technology industry in India is one of the biggest contributors to the economy. This industry is developing fast and you can make an excellent career here. However, to get the best career and education, you have to choose SIFT. Along with the above-mentioned advantages, there are many other benefits about which you can find out on SIFT’s website.

Visit our website today and fill out the enquiry form correctly. Our representatives will get in touch with you with all the information you need. Make haste as admission gets full quickly.


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