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Maker’s Market Exhibition - Visit

Maker’s Market Exhibition was organized at Tilak Smarak Pune. Creative products by Makers from all over Pune were seen in the Exhibit. The different stalls in the Exhibition consisted of various Jewelry, soaps, plants, candles, oils, decorative items etc. Simultaneously there were workshops going on for Spray painting and Shibori dyeing. Students got to learn many creative ways of making useful products. In the same premises, there was an exhibition on Gujarati Textiles as well. Various textiles, fabrics, ready-mades and jewelry were seen in this exhibition.

Industrial Visit- Islampur

The students of the Suryadatta Institute of Fashion Technology (SIFT), along with the faculties went on and Industrial Visit to Islampur, they visited the Rajaram Bapu Soot Girni i.e Cotton mill. The Industry had all the processes from fiber to ready fabric. First we saw the process of yarn spinning, where raw cotton obtained from the field goes through various machines to form the yarn. The second unit had the weaving process, where cotton fabrics of different counts are made in white or offwhite color.

The next unit had yarn dyeing facilities, where the ready cotton yarns are dyed and sent for weaving. There was another unit for circular knit fabrics, where heavy cotton knitted fabric is produced. The last unit was for fabric dyeing, where the ready fabrics are dyed with required under controlled temperature settings.

Local Market Visit

A local market visit was arranged for the students of B.Sc I yr and CDFD students. This visit was mainly undertaken for the students to explore the local wholesale and retail markets, and gain knowledge about current trend about fashion apparels and accessories. The students from different states and districts were overwhelmed to the local city area ie the heart of the city.

Major parts of city like Bajirao Road, Laxmi Road, Kumthekar road , Mandai, Tulsi Bag, Raviwar Peth , Bhori Aali etc were covered in the visit. A variety of materials needed for students in their further academic year was been observed by the students.

Theur Industry visit

Students of Suryadatta Institute of Fashion Technology visited Shri Chintamani Skills Mills Pvt Lmt . All the students were over whelmed to see the actual process of weaving techniques. A variety of Cotton silk fabric were available at the mill. They had a tie up with BIBA, Nalli Saris , Lunkad fabrics etc. After watching the entire weaving procedure students visited the wholesale market of Phursungi famous for wholesale readymade. The market survey helped the students for fabric quality, price difference between in retails and wholesale.

Visit at National handloom

Students of B.Sc Iyr & IIyr visited the National Handloom Expo at AISSPMS ground . A variety of traditional textiles from east, west, north and south were displayed at the exhibition.

Environmental visit at Rajeev Gandhi Zoological Park

Students of B.Sc III yr visited to the Rajeev Gandhi Zoological Park for the Environmental education and the study of various species of birds and animals.

Visit at Baramati Textile Park

Students of B.Sc Iyr, IIyr and CCFD attending the visit at Cotton King Pvt lmt, Purple Creations, Prom girl at Baramati Textile Park.Students were surprized to see the fast and time consuming machineries used in the industries.

NDA Visit

The NDA visit was arranged for the entire city campus students. This visit made the students realize that why we are living safe in our house, because of our brave soldiers from Air force, Navy & Arm force. Their great efforts taken during the training, studies and their love towards the nation makes us proud of them. The Cadets mess( II largest mess in Asia), AFTT, Horse training ground, Sudan Hall, Open Museum, Peacock bay were the places visited by the students. The entire NDA area was very clean and discipline. The students were shown a film in the auditorium about the training of the cadets which was very inspiring to all of us. This visit was very motivating and made us proud about our nation and the people.

Old Age Home Visit

The Old Age Home visit was arranged at Janseva Vrudashram, Ambi. “It’s not an old age home, we are a family” were the words by all the granny and grandpa living there. The people been there were having different reasons for living there. After being there, everyone was very happy seeing so many youth and shared all their talks with us. Also interacted with all the students, performed dance, sang songs, click snaps and had lot of fun. At a moment everyone had tears in their eyes, with a thought of how could one can leave their parents alone. It was a lesson for the students that having so many sorrows and sadness in their life ,still they were very happy enjoying every moment.

Industry Visit at Baramati

The students of Suryadatta Institute of Fashion Technology (SIFT) had an industry visit at Textile Park Baramati . The students of B.Sc I & II yrs, along with Diploma had come for the visit.Cotton King, Purple Creations & Prom Girl were the industries visited by the students. Throughout the visit the students they saw the overall work flow of industries practically, the functions of different machinery and equipment's, production process of garments, and computerized embroidery etc. The entire students were surprised to see the fast production of the garments with a large number of labors working hard in the industry. A lot of questions of the students were solved by the in charge of each sections of the industries Mrs Swapnali Kulkarni, Mrs Kalpana Shinde, Miss Amruta Dagale, Miss Rasika Dehankar attended the visit with the students.

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