Why Choose Fashion Designing for a Successful Career?
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Why Choose Fashion Designing for Your Successful Career?

Fashion Designing is an amalgamation of creativity and business opportunity. If you are interested in fabrics, textiles, colours, patterns and style and you want to make a living out of your passion, then in short you want to pursue fashion designing. So, the intent is pure but does it have growth opportunities for you. Will you make money and will you be able to make a mark in this business of fashion? The answer to all these questions is a good degree in fashion designing from a reputed institute.

An academic degree in fashion designing equips you with all the necessary knowledge, skills and proficiency required to make a mark in this field. An established institute also helps you in securing placements with fashion labels and retail brands. Several well-known fashion designers also hire fashion designing graduates to assist them. Also note, that a degree from an established institute also helps you to start at a good pay scale. This ensures that you are among the well-paid professionals during most parts of your career.

Above all, fashion designing has a huge scope to establish yourself as an entrepreneur. You can set up a boutique, own a fashion label, take up assignments as a consultant or even start a fashion line.

What is Scope, Career Prospects & Job Opportunities of Fashion Designing

The pandemic brought in a lot of changes to the economy but like any major revolution we saw new opportunities and new ideas in every creative field, including fashion. Consumers are looking for more comfy clothes. Most of the salaried class is now working from home and so the demand is for loungewear and not dressy outfits. Gone are the days of heels and stilettoes. Instead, there is a demand for slippers and slip-ons. These new trends have contributed to the rebound of the fashion industry and created new opportunities as well.

The global fashion e-commerce market is likely to touch $1207.23 billion in 2025, growing at a CAGR of 16%. The Asia Pacific region has turned out to be the largest market for the fashion industry. This is largely due to the increasing awareness about internet shopping and e-commerce. The expansion of social media platforms is also expected to benefit the fashion industry significantly.

To begin with, the fashion industry is diverse and lends itself to a whole world of opportunities. There are many different roles in the industry and many functions need skilled manpower and workforce. In this section, we will look at each of these roles in detail.

Fashion Designers: This is the highest job profile in the industry. They are the geniuses who create new trends, designs and styles. They have their areas of specialization too. It could be in men's wear, saris, traditional clothing, sportswear or shoes.

Garment Technologist: It is an innovative role and these professionals innovate with fabrics and production techniques. They are also responsible for keeping a check on the quality.

Fashion Illustrator: They work with designers, create sketches and illustrations for different products like clothing, shoes and accessories. Illustrators also work on advertising copies and images for promotional material.

Personal Stylist: They work as a consultant and provide advice to individuals on their personal style and clothing. Stylists usually work with celebrities, well-known personalities in different sectors and fashionistas.

Fashion Writer: A person who writes on fashion certainly has the knowledge of fashion, the industry, various trends and updates. Fashion writers work along with the PR industry and write articles for media publications or blogs for marketing verticals.

Top Reasons to Choose Fashion Designing for a Successful Career

The fashion industry is undoubtedly exciting and enterprising but are these reasons good enough to join the industry. Maybe not. Explore a bit and you will find many other reasons for being part of this industry. Let's see if we can find some convincing reasons.

Wide array of career choices: The fashion industry opens up a lot of career options for you - from being a fashion designer to opening up a clothesline. The options are infinite.

A new challenge every day: We don't like wearing the same clothes every day. Everyone has their own fashion likings and disliking. So, in this profession you need to keep reinventing and think of creative solutions to handle new challenges and requirements every day.

Setting up your own business: You have mastered the craft and feel it is time to set up your own business. The fashion designing world unlike most other sectors gives you this opportunity - big or small.

Salary Scope: The job of a fashion designer comes with a good salary scope and a high package. The average base salary of a fashion designer is around Rs 3.78K in India.

Experience Salary*
1 year Rs 298K
1-4 years Rs 347K
5-9 years Rs 593K
10-19 years Rs 803K
20+ years Rs 506K
*Average Total Compensation as per PayScale

How to Make a Career in Fashion Designing

If you are aspiring to be a fashion designer it is important to have a career path ready. This plan of action can be broken down into a number of steps.

Pursue a degree or certification in Fashion Designing: The first move will be to enroll with a college that offers a Bachelor’s degree, diploma/advanced diploma degree or certification in the domain. An academic course from a reputed institute like Suryadatta Institute of Fashion Design (SIFD) provides the required knowledge in the domain. Pursuing a fashion designing course also helps a student to understand the way the industry functions.

Be aware of the industry's history and the current trends: The history of the fashion industry is quite intriguing and the more you learn about it the better it will be for you in understanding the dynamics. You also need to be aware of all the developments and trends of the industry.

Build your contacts: You can start by paying informal visits to fellow and senior designers in the industry. One can start early right when they are a student. Internships or smaller stints with established fashion houses helps one to build contacts and develop practical experience. Knowing people in the right places also helps in case you need to get a recommendation for a job.

Know what your area of expertise is: You may not be good at all the aspects of fashion designing but it is crucial to understand what part of this industry interests you the most. This will help you to build your specialization and thereby make your name in the same.

Know these fashion icons:

Some of the international greats of the fashion designing world are:

  • Alexander McQueen
  • Calvin Klein
  • Christin Dior
  • Coco Chanel.

In India, some of the prominent names in the fashion industry are:

  • Sabyasachi Mukherjee
  • Bibhu Mohapatra
  • Manish Arora
  • Manish Malhotra.

The world has also seen some personalities who later turned out to be fashion icons of their times. Some of the names that are on top of our minds are:

  • Princess Diana
  • Rihanna
  • Harry Styles
  • Audrey Hepburn


The Fashion Designing industry has been around for years now and has survived many calamities, the most recent one being the pandemic. The world has adapted to several changes that COVID-19 has brought and most of this has been reflected in the fashion industry too. It is now time to embrace the changes, get the business running and celebrate fashion every day.

We are fortunate enough to have some reputed institutes like Suryadatta Institute of Fashion Technology (SIFT) that offers several programs like the Bachelor of Science – Fashion Design, Diploma in Fashion Design and Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design. The highlights of the programme are:

  • UGC recognized course
  • Excellent Placement Opportunities
  • Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University

Learn more about the course at www.sgisift.org and fill up the admission form. Apply Now!

For admission contact: 8956943824 / 7499915677

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