Best Fashion Designing Courses After 12th Class in India
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Best Fashion Designing Courses After 12th Class in India

The Fashion Industry is known for its glitz and glamour. It attracts youngsters who aspire to showcase their innovative and creative sides. The career of a Fashion Designer is very much competitive and exciting. However, to make it big in the world of fashion, one also needs to be hardworking, smart, and creative.

The Fashion Designing course is a well-structured curriculum focusing on clothing, manufacturing, and design patterns. Students who complete their 10 + 2 Level from a recognized university can join the Fashion Designing course. The course covers subjects like Fashion Illustration, Garment Construction, Elements of Fashion & Designing, Fashion Management, and Merchandising, Fashion Ornamentation, Clothing Culture & Communication, and Computer-aided (CAD) Fashion Marketing.

This blog covers the scope of courses in Fashion Designing, types of career opportunities, the fee structure, course duration, etc. Read on to know more.

What is the scope of Fashion Designing course?

The scope of Fashion Designing course is huge as the students get the chance to explore their creative side and earn a rewarding career.

  1. Offers opportunities to unleash creativity

Fashion Designing is an ideal course for those students who have a creative mindset. There are several ways to bring out their hidden talent by designing marvelous creations that cater to the demands of fashion-conscious clients worldwide.

  1. Wide range of opportunities

Most of us think that the Fashion Industry only involves ramps and runways. But this is not true, as the Fashion Industry consists of several avenues. It offers one manystudents with opportunities to earn well and make their dreams come true. With the increasing population of fashion-savvy people and changes in fashion trends, the demand for Fashion Designers is always on the surge.

  1. Gateway to set up your own business

Pursuing a Fashion Designing course from any reputed university or institute allows one to acquire the knowledge and skills to make a headstart in the industry. Meeting like-minded people and a complete network of influential people from the Fashion Industry during industrial projects and visits can help you set up your ventures and enjoy your entrepreneurial journey.

Career Opportunities in Fashion Designing

Here are some of the top career opportunities that a student can pursue after completing their Fashion Designing course:

  1. Designer

A Fashion Designer is responsible for researching current fashion trends and determining what consumers would like. They also need to collaborate with the design team to develop ideas for new products based on the current fashion trends.

  1. Fashion Stylist

The Fashion Stylists work for fashion houses, individuals, and clothing brands. Their main job responsibilities include choosing and coordinating outfits for models, providing fashion advice in photoshoots, choosing props and accessories to prepare the models for shoots, etc.

  1. Pattern Maker

A Pattern Maker is allocated the task of reading and interpreting design blueprints and models, creating rough templates through computer drafting software and other freehand techniques, measuring and designing patterns in different materials, and others.

  1. Assistant Designer

An Assistant Designer acts as administrative support to the senior designer in creating innovative designs. Also, they negotiate with the vendors regarding the prices of the decoration materials and are always up-to-date with the latest fashion trends.

  1. Fashion Coordinator

The job role of a Fashion Coordinator is to ensure that the upcoming trends get reflected in the company's clothing. Also, they coordinate with the pattern, fabrics, and manufacturing department of a particular product to ensure that everything is under the category of the latest fashion trends.

  1. Quality Controller

The Quality Controller is responsible for checking the apparel's quality. They test, check and inspect clothing products and ensure that they are made with the best standards and the intended design and specifications.

  1. Design Manager

The job role of a Design Manager is to ensure structural designs and drawings get produced on time. They oversee the entire design process and judge it with their technical expertise. Other than that, they work with the clients directly to ensure that their expectations are met.

  1. Costume Designer

The Costume Designers plan, create and maintain the accessories and clothes for all the characters or models in a stage show, ramp walk, television, Opera, or dance show. They design costumes typically made to fit a particular theme.

  1. Fashion Blogger

Fashion Bloggers write, edit, post, and promote different kinds of fashion-related content on their web pages or websites and social media handles. They generate, research, and pitch their fashion ideas to the audience and advocate others about the top fashion products and services.

  1. Textile Designer

The main job responsibility of a Textile Designer is to draw & design sketches, choose the best colors and fabrics and create initial pieces for testing and pitching their designs to the buyers and the clients.

  1. Fashion Editor

A Fashion Editor is responsible for deciding the story themes and ideas by collaborating with the Editor-in-Chief. Also, they work with Models, Photographers, Makeup Artists, and Costume Designers and choose the apt photoshoot locations.

  1. Fashion Journalist

A Fashion Journalist writes articles on the top fashion trends, accessories, and clothing for different media platforms like newspapers and magazines. They also contribute to journals and blogs by writing articles for different websites.

  1. Footwear Designer

A Footwear Designer visualizes, brainstorms, and researches design ideas for different types of footwear. They communicate with the suppliers and customers to understand their need for different types of footwear material and their utilization. They closely work with the design team.

  1. Makeup Artist

A Makeup Artist enhances an individual's facial aesthetics through makeup. They connect with the clients and create custom-based looks to their specifications. Makeup Artists generally work on the film set, for fashion shows, or for other personal clients.

  1. Personal Stylists

The Personal Stylists are responsible for working with the clients to select the appropriate shoe, garments, and accessories for their business meetings, everyday wear, or any other special occasions.

What are some of the top Fashion Designing courses, their fee & duration

Here is the list of the top Fashion Designing courses with complete details of their fee and duration:

Name Courses



Diploma in Fashion Design

1 year

INR 1.25 Lakhs

Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design

2 years

INR 1.55 Lakhs

Diploma in Jewellery Design

1 year

INR 4 Lakhs

Certificate Course in Fashion Design

1 year

INR 87,000

Certificate in Pattern Making and Garment Construction

3 months


Certificate in Fundamental of Fashion Designing

6 months


Certificate course in Tailoring and Designing

6 months


Certificate Course in Fashion Merchandising

6 months


BSc in Fashion Design

3 years

INR 1.5 Lakhs

BDes in Fashion Design

4 years

INR 2.5 Lakhs

BDes in Textile Design

4 years

INR 3.5 Lakhs

BDes in Fashion Communication

3 years

INR 3.78 Lakhs

BDes in Accessory Design

3 years

INR 1.56 Lakhs

BDes in Product Design

4 years

INR 2 Lakhs

Bachelor of Fashion Design

2 years

INR 1.23 Lakhs

Bachelor’s in Fashion Technology

3 years

INR 2.1 Lakhs

Bachelor of Fashion and Apparel Design

3 years

INR 2.15 Lakhs

BA Hons in Fashion Design

3 Years

INR 1 to 3 Lakhs

MA in Fashion design

2 years

INR 1.63 Lakhs

MSc in Fashion Designing

2 years

INR 1.19 Lakhs

Masters of Fashion Management

2 years

INR 3.12 Lakhs

PG Diploma in Fashion Design

12 to 18 months

INR 60,000 to 90,000


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