Poster Making Activity

Postermaking1 update  Postermaking2 update

The poster making activity was been conducted for the students which expressed their thoughts towards the issues in the city. The topics were Helmet , Traffic Awareness , Smart City, Pollution ,& Conservation. The young crowd had various ideas which were displayed through the posters which showed their views regarding the issues happening in city. Among which first three winners were awarded.

Workshop - Paper Quiling  

Workshop Paper Quiling

Quiling Workshop was a very creative activity performed by the students. The material was provided to each of them. The students had prepared variety of earrings, pendants, dolls, bracelets etc.  Various techniques of paper folding were used with the help of moulds, combs, coach, split tool etc. Apart from regular quiling they learnt various shapes like droplets, oval, rectangular, square. At the end they had a set of variety of earrings and pendants.


Workshop - Deconstruction

  Workshop Deconstruction1

The deconstruction workshop was held in order to make the best use of old or unused garments. It was as good as re-using of garments. Shirts were transformed into sling bag, aprons, pillow covers, bottle cover etc. While denims were transformed into one piece, crop tops, jackets, skirts etc. This workshop gave many ideas for reusing of garment instead of throwing them or dumping them in our cupboards. 

Workshop - Paper Garments

Workshop Paper Garments     Workshop Paper Garments1

The paper draping workshop was held in order to see the creativity of students in a group. Each group was allotted with a dummy. All the groups had designed non textile garments using various techniques of paper folding, paper quelling, crumbling etc. 

This activity was undertaken to see the imaginative power of the students with the non textile.


Workshop: Leaf Texture

leaf workshop     leaf workshop1

A fun loving activity was conducted for the entire fresher’s to see their creativity. The students were informed to get different types of leaves and flowers of various shapes and sizes. Many colorful textures were made using those flowers and leaves. Other than flowers threads, finger prints, crumbled papers, fabrics were used to make different textures with variety of color combination. 

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