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Visit at National handloom  

National handloom1 National handloom2

 National handloom3  National handloom4

Students of B.Sc Iyr & IIyr visited the National Handloom Expo at AISSPMS ground . A variety of traditional textiles from east, west, north and south were displayed at the exhibition.

Environmental visit at Rajeev Gandhi Zoological Park   

Rajeev Gandhi1 Rajeev Gandhi2
Rajeev Gandhi3 Rajeev Gandhi4
Students of B.Sc III yr visited to the Rajeev Gandhi Zoological Park on 9th of January 2018 for the Environmental education and the study of various species of birds and animals.

Visit at Baramati Textile Park       

textile visit1 textile visit2

textile visit3 textile visit4

Students of B.Sc Iyr, IIyr and CCFD attending the visit   on 7th Nov 2017 at Cotton King Pvt lmt, Purple Creations, Prom girl at Baramati Textile Park.Students were surprized to see the fast and time consuming machineries used in the industries.

NDA Visit

The NDA visit was arranged on 1st September 2017 for the entire city campus students. This visit made the students realize that why we are living safe in our house, because of our brave soldiers from Air force, Navy & Arm force. Their great efforts taken during the training, studies and their love towards the nation makes us proud of them. The Cadets mess( II largest mess in Asia), AFTT, Horse training ground, Sudan Hall, Open Museum, Peacock bay were the places visited by the students. The entire NDA area was very clean and discipline. The students were shown a film in the auditorium about the training of the cadets which was very inspiring to all of us. This visit was very motivating and made us proud about our nation and the people.

Old Age Home Visit       

Old age home 1   Old age home 2

The Old Age Home visit was arranged on 1st of Sept 2017 at Janseva Vrudashram, Ambi. “It’s not an old age home, we are a family” were the words by all the granny and grandpa living there. The people been there were having different reasons for living there. After being there, everyone was very happy seeing so many youth and shared all their talks with us. Also interacted with all the students, performed dance, sang songs, click snaps and had lot of fun. At a moment everyone had tears in their eyes, with a thought of how could one can leave their parents alone. It was a lesson for the students that having so many sorrows and sadness in their life ,still they were very happy enjoying every moment.

Industry Visit at Baramati

baramati visit 1  baramati visit 2

The students of Suryadatta Institute of Fashion Technology (SIFT) had an industry visit at Textile Park Baramati on 7th of November 2017. The students of B.Sc I & II yrs, along with Diploma had come for the visit.Cotton King, Purple Creations & Prom Girl were the industries visited by the students. Throughout the visit the students they saw the overall work flow of industries practically, the functions of different machinery and equipment's, production process of garments, and computerized embroidery etc. The entire students were surprised to see the fast production of the garments with a large number of labors working hard in the industry. A lot of questions of the students were solved by the in charge of each sections of the industries Mrs Swapnali Kulkarni, Mrs Kalpana Shinde, Miss Amruta Dagale, Miss Rasika Dehankar attended the visit with the students.

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